Guidance on biomass fire-side explosions

Biomass wood pellets

Delivered by Kiwa Limited

Project complete

Explosions in biomass fired appliances are well-known and the risk has been identified in relevant design standards and operating guides for many years. However, continued incidents with solid fuel biomass appliances show that users, installers, and manufacturers do not fully understand the risk of explosions.

This project was focused on the production of a guidance document based on review of information available on fire-side explosions, how they occur, and the risks associated with them. The objective of this work was to provide guidance to stakeholders and to reduce the occurrence of explosions and in particular build awareness of this risk with manufacturers, installers, and certification bodies.  The guidance will predominantly be for use with new appliances or installations. However, it could also be used by relevant parties to assess whether existing systems are at risk.

MCS have now published this guidance document that sits alongside the existing Biomass Installation Standard (MIS 3004) which covers work undertaken on solid fuel biomass appliances and defines good practice and the key competencies needed when working with this type of renewable technology. It also complements the Biomass Product Certification Scheme Requirements (MCS 008).

To view the guidance document visit the MCS website here.