Local Area Retrofit Accelerator (LARA)

Mass scale retrofit

The MCS Foundation working with Local Authorities and Combined Authorities who are wanting to develop a Local Area Retrofit plan. We will provide funding for facilitators to work with the local authority, local partners and installers, to develop and write a retrofit plan tailored specifically to your region and the unique circumstances you have.

The Local Area Retrofit Accelerator (LARA) pilot project will also aim to set up local delivery groups, which will aim to turn the plan into substantive action, working with local supply chains, businesses, colleges and installers.  As part of the support The MCS Foundation will provide to each area, we will employ specialist staff to support the Local Authority in the development and delivery of these plans.

These pilot projects will focus on three Local Authority areas to develop area based retrofit plans, to assess the implementation of the plan and their impact through a monitoring and evaluation programme.  The MCS Foundation will also support in attracting investment and funding where needed, but this is not guaranteed and could be limited. We will work with our partners to try and provide support for projects or programmes of work.

Development of the Local Area Retrofit Accelerator has been led and funded by the MCS Foundation, a charity whose vision is to make every UK home carbon-free. LARA is a collaboration between the MCS Foundation and Ashden, Built Environment – Smarter Transformation, Connected Places Catapult, National Retrofit Hub and the UK Green Building Council.

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