Standards and Safety


Standards review

MCS maintains a comprehensive range of standards relating to the microgeneration sector. A periodic review of all standards documentation was commissioned, with the remit of ensuring that all scheme policies and processes relating to standards management were revised and updated.

A comprehensive review of MCS standards to ensure they up-to-date and easy to use.

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Audit and verification

This project was commissioned to undertake a series of technical inspections of installations spread across diverse MCS technologies, Certification Bodies and types of installer. It is designed to provide a better understanding of how the MCS scheme can best protect consumers and support installers through informing a review of the relevant standards, guidance, scheme structure and processes.

Undertaking technical inspections of MCS installations to inform future scheme developments

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Guidance on biomass fire-side explosions

Explosions in biomass fired appliances are well-known. This project was focused on the production of a guidance document based on review of information available on fire-side explosions, how they occur, and the risks associated with them.

Producing a biomass guidance document on fire-side explosions, how they occur, and the risks associated with them

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