Self consumption

Homes with solar PV

Delivered by Advanced Further Energy Limited in collaboration with BRE National Solar Centre and Loughborough University

Energy storage has been widely recognised as a key technology in the roll out of renewable energy.  It is only recently that widescale uptake of the technology has been adopted, creating a need for guidance for installers, consumers and retailers on the expected benefits of storage for self-consumption.

Over a number of years Loughborough University had developed a tool to allow self-consumption of Solar Photovoltaics (electricity generation) to be estimated and this project saw the expansion of that model into a method for calculating the benefits of self-consumption with and without energy storage for a number of household types.

There is now a clear calculation method for consumers and installers which will provide guidance for industry and can inform policy development.

The tool, and supporting guidance note, has been published for use on the MCS Company website.

Take a look here: