MCS Installations Database (MID)

Data from the MCS MID

Delivered by Solstice Limited, Gemserve and GTEC Training

The C, sometimes abbreviated to the MID, is a central online database that holds the information of every MCS certified low carbon installation in the UK since 2010. With over one million records, the MID is the most comprehensive reference for buildings-scale renewable energy installations in the UK.

MCS Charitable Foundation has funded a new responsive version of the database which enables the reporting of trends. The new MID went live in January 2019 and sits at the heart of MCS scheme operations, allowing for the recording of certified manufacturers’ products, installers and installations under the Standards.

As well as supporting the operational delivery of the standards scheme and consumer protection, the new responsive MID will enable interrogation and reporting of data which will provide valuable insights into the patterns of renewable energy installations across the UK, and can therefore inform public policy and support the development of the sector.