Exploring the Supply Chain of Renewable Energies

Mining in South Africa

Delivered by War on Want

With the support of MCS Foundation, War on Want worked in partnership with leading social and environmental justice organisations in the global South, to produce an in-depth report on the fundamental questions underpinning a just transition to renewable energy.

This work is to be used to educate the UK public, movements and policy-makers on the social and environmental impacts of the global supply chain of renewable energy technologies, and help develop key policy proposals and innovative criteria for industry and governments, to ensure that renewable energy is procured ethically and fairly.

War on Want has now launched this new report that examines the potential environmental and human rights issues arising from the extraction of transition minerals, the raw materials needed for the production of renewable energy technologies.

The report, “A Material Transition: Exploring supply and demand solutions for renewable energy minerals” highlights what can be done to address these concerns and sets out a pathway for a globally just energy future and calls on the UK government to critically question resource use in any green recovery plans. To view the report click here

MCS Foundation provided funding towards this War on Want report to help find practical solutions that will reduce the impacts of mining and provide a fair and equitable future for the communities impacted, and to help improve the supply chain to manufacturers. This research highlights that as part of any Green Industrial Revolution, we need strong standards and regulations on mineral extraction and we need to transform how we recycle minerals to create a new circular economy.

The report is being utilised to inform recommendations to government. In addition, War on Want is working with Solar Energy UK on the promotion of ethical supply chains within the solar sector.

Solar Energy UK has co-ordinated an industry statement on transparent and sustainable supply chains which can be viewed here.