Energy Sleeving Pool

Bristol at night

Delivered by Bristol City Council

From November 2020 to February 2021, Bristol City Council working with Regen, and supported by funding from MCS Charitable Foundation, produced a feasibility assessment exploring the concept of a Sleeving Pool in order to help the local authority procure local renewable electricity at scale and create increased demand for local renewable energy sources.

This involved carrying out a high-level assessment of the commercial and administrative feasibility of the concept and provided recommendations about viability and issues to consider in taking this concept forward.

This analysis involved three main elements:

  • Developing the energy Sleeving Pool concept and make recommendations about governance and process.

  • Modelling the matching of demand and generation, analysing PPA costs and possible price structures.

  • Engaging with suppliers to explore the facets and scope of the Pool Manager role.

These elements are detailed in the final feasibility assessment, which can be found here

Bristol City Council is now planning to showcase how the Sleeving Pool can be delivered in practice.