Community energy planning

Community planning

Delivered by the Centre for Sustainable Energy

Meaningful public engagement with policy around renewables is important to ensure that no one is left behind in the transition to net zero. The Community Energy Planning project aims to create exemplar polices for other communities to encourage locally led community climate action.

This will be achieved by:

  • Increasing the amount of renewable energy installed in two local authorities by supporting them to work with local communities, co-producing robust and well-evidenced local energy strategies which are consequently embedded in Local Plans.

  • Developing a clear template for the wording of local authority policy regarding the development models and ownership structures that should be favoured in local planning policy.

  • Producing replicable guidance for local authorities across England, so that they may follow the same process as the two participating local authorities.

  • Increasing knowledge of, and engagement with, local renewable energy development options by the residents of six parishes through the Future Energy Landscape process.

  • Creating peer-to-peer learning and sharing opportunities for participating local authorities and community groups.

  • Influencing the UK government and the renewable energy industry through the dissemination of long-term evidence regarding the value of in-depth community consultation and the embedding of local energy strategies in Local Plans for successful renewable energy development.