Majority of MPs back mandatory renewables for new homes

Most MPs back proposals that would require all new homes to incorporate solar panels, heat pumps, battery storage, and electric car charging points from 2025, a YouGov poll released today shows. [1]

Seven in ten MPs (69%) believe all new homes should be built with solar panels on their roofs, and nearly seven in ten (67%) believe all new homes should have electric vehicle (EV) charging. There is also majority support for heat pumps to be mandatory for new homes.

Conservative MPs were more likely to support than to oppose renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures being required in new-build housing. This includes 77% of Conservative MPs believing that homes should be built to the highest possible energy efficiency standards, with only 6% opposed, and 64% agreeing that solar panels should be mandatory.

Labour MPs were even more strongly in support of renewables, with fewer than a tenth opposing any of the measures proposed, including solar panels, heat pumps, EV charging, energy efficiency and battery storage.

The results of the YouGov poll come at a crucial moment as the Government is set to launch a consultation on the Future Homes Standard that will determine the regulations for new-build homes from 2025.

Net zero charity MCS Charitable Foundation, which commissioned the YouGov survey, argues that these renewable energy technologies should be the default in all new homes to help meet carbon targets, lock in low bills, and provide energy security.

The charity says that installing these renewables at the point of building will prevent houses needing to be upgraded only a few years after being built, and would help boost the green economy while providing savings for homeowners.

The polling of MPs comes after YouGov surveyed a representative sample of UK adults with the same questions. This found that an overwhelming majority backed key renewables measures including mandatory solar panels and heat pumps. [2]

David Cowdrey, Director of External Affairs at MCS Charitable Foundation, said “It is very encouraging to see that most MPs back domestic renewable energy for new homes. Installing solar panels, heat pumps and battery storage is essential to reducing our carbon emissions and cutting bills, and there is no better time to install these than at the point of construction.

“MPs must now ensure that the Future Homes Standard fulfils the ambitions required to meet net zero targets, by mandating renewable energy on all new homes.”

Juliet Philips, Senior Policy Advisor at E3G, said “In the middle of a gas crisis, it’s a national scandal that the UK is still building cold and leaky homes which will require costly retrofits. MPs are backing homes which are fit for the future, kitted out with clean tech solutions which will save homeowners thousands of pounds on their energy bills, while also significantly reducing carbon emissions.

“Ensuring that all new homes are zero carbon will be essential for meeting climate targets and boosting energy security.”




1.      YouGov completed online interviews with a representative sample of 98 MPs between 2nd and 28th February. Results for MPs are weighted by party, gender, electoral cohort, and geography to give a sample that is representative of the House of Commons.


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