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Future homes need standards

The Government is aiming to introduce new Building Standards for new homes built from 2025. The MCS Foundation is asking that these new Building Standards require a meaningful deployment of solar panels on the roof of all new homes, and include electric vehicle charging points and heat pumps as the default. By mandating for smart homes, we would be ensuring homes have lower energy bills and are able to contribute energy back to the grid.

Our latest survey of MPs shows that almost eight in ten (79%) believe all new homes should be built with solar panels on their roofs, and more than three in five (61%) believe all new homes should have battery storage. The survey shows there is also majority support for heat pumps to be mandatory for new homes.

It is vital that any renewables deployed in homes must be installed to the appropriate MCS standards. These standards are essential to ensuring consumer confidence in renewable technology.

We also want the Government to make sure that no new home is connected to the gas grid after 2025.  Currently our homes account for around 17% of all UK CO2 emissions and we need to deploy heat pumps now in place of gas, to decarbonise new homes.

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MPs who want new homes to be highest energy efficiency


MPS who want new home to have solar PV


UK adults who want new homes to have heat pumps


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