Clean Heat Market Mechanism

Air source heat pump

The Clean Heat Market Mechanism is one of the Government’s key tools in supporting the rollout of heat pumps, which in turn are crucial to decarbonising the 17% of UK emissions that are created by heating our homes.

Due to come into effect on 1 April this year, the mechanism obliges boiler manufacturers to sell a proportionate amount of heat pumps relative to their boiler sales to help the sector grow.  

The Government-mandated target for heat pump installations is 600,000 by the year 2028 – hitting this target would significantly aid the UK’s transition to net zero. However there has been considerable pushback from those who want to continue with gas infrastructure, putting this essential heat pump policy at risk. 

Recent press coverage suggests the Government might be looking to scrap the mechanism – at precisely the time we need long-term policies in place. Consumers need to have confidence in heat pump technology and government policy – and so does the renewables industry. 

Take action 

Use our quick and easy template to email your MP here, and ask for their support in encouraging the Government to keep the CHMM.